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Within the building industry, accreditation is an acknowledgement of the competency of a company or individual to perform a range of tasks or skills within an occupational framework. The formal recognition of that accreditation typically comes in the form of a license or registration, usually issued by State or Federal Government department.

Building Designers in Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria are regulated in this manner, with each state having its own regulations and providing certified documentation as proof of accreditation. If you are looking to engage a Building Designer in one of these states, you should check their state-issued certificate before doing so.

The other states and territories of Australia are heading toward similar outcomes to various degrees, but as of June 2017 there is no formal regulatory system in place.

Voluntary Accreditation

In an effort to raise the standard of building construction documentation and to provide greater levels of professionalism to clients, builders, contractors and councils, Building Designers Association of Australia has introduced a system of independent accreditation for Building Designers, via Building Designers Accreditation & Training (BDA&T).

This scheme is endorsed and promoted by Building Designers Associations of Australia, and can apply to all design professionals not covered by alternate and appropriately recognised schemes. The scheme is further recognised by The NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) and is a requirement for all Building Designers practicing in NSW in the child care industry.

BDA&T works with a number of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as TAFE NSW and the Master Builders Association to develop, maintain and deliver the competency training required to meet the expectation of governments and the building industry.

Any building designer who want to undertake voluntary accreditation, as a pathway to further education or as a requirement to design child care facilities, can access this service as part of their BDA Australia membership.

All members, including students, are strongly encouraged to attend as many events as possible for the opportunity for continuing professional development and networking with peers.

CLICK HERE for a list of Accredited Building Designers.

Accreditation Documents

Accreditation Application Form (PDF)
Accreditation Upgrade Application Form (PDF)
Accreditation Declaration of Authorship (PDF)
Accreditation Manual (PDF)
Accreditation Self Assessment Tool (PDF)
Competency Standards (PDF)
Accreditation Information for Applicants (PDF)

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