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Building Designers Australia is a true member-based association, developed to serve as the peak professional body representing the interests of Building Designers and their clients.

Prospective members may apply and pay online. Please select from one of the six levels of membership available below.

NB: All new members are required to pay a full year subscription on joining, regardless of the time of year they join.

Our membership is based on the Financial Year; when renewal time approaches, a member who has joined in the current Financial Year will be sent a pro rata renewal invoice which will bring their membership contribution into line with the association base within the next full year.

Payment processing: Payments will be processed at the time of application but should the application be deemed unsuitable for approval, a refund of the Membership Fee will be made within 10 Business Days.

Support Documents:

CLICK HERE for Full Membership authorship declaration form.

CLICK HERE for an Associate Membership declaration form.

Member Structure

Open to all Bona Fide Students enrolled in an approved building design course or those that have less than 1 years’ work experience post-graduation.

For persons who qualify for Associate or Full Membership, and are Partners or Employees of a Building Design practice whose Principal is a Full or Chartered Member of BDA Australia.

To be eligible for Affiliate Membership, a Building Designer must be a full member of a State BDA Australia (registered or licensed if required in that state) and must provide evidence of their current membership on an annual basis.

Open to all persons employed in the building design profession or related industry, but does not meet the complete criteria of a Full Member.

Where a practicing Building Designer joins as an Associate Member, they must upgrade to Full Member when they meet the necessary criteria; any Building Designer considered by the Membership Committee to be of the appropriate level and not upgrading after 12 months membership may have their membership terminated.

For persons who can provide evidence of experience, qualifications & knowledge as a Building Designer and maintains the currency of suitable Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance. Full Members are encouraged to participate in recognised CPD programs.

NB: When upgrading to Chartered Member, Full Members would not pay a second Application Fee.

The most prestigious level of recognition available to Building Designers in Australia.

To join and maintain this level of Membership, you must satisfy the Membership Committee that your credentials and business acumen are of high repute; additionally, you have participated in a recognised CPD program for a minimum of 12 months, hold appropriate PI Insurance and where appropriate are licensed/registered in your state or territory of residence or are accredited by Building Designers Accreditation and Training Pty. Ltd.

Member Fees

Affiliate Member


Associate Member


Practice Member


Full Practice Member

  • Additional Application or Upgrade Fee $100

Full Member

  • Additional Application or Upgrade Fee $100

Chartered Member

  • Additional Application or Upgrade Fee $100

Student Member

For all MEMBERSHIP enquiries please use the online form or contact:

Katrina McCarron
Executive Secretary
Building Designers Association of Australia

Head Office:
1300 669 854
PO Box 592
Hunter Region MC NSW 2310

Send Katrina an email

Support Documents:

CLICK HERE for Full Membership authorship declaration form.

CLICK HERE for an Associate Membership declaration form.