Image Bernard Salt is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social commentators by business, the media and the broader community; he is a futurist who uses demographic and social change to interpret how society and business might evolve.

Bernard is one of the most quoted and widely-read social commentators in Australia. His books, columns and corporate presentations are followed by all levels of business, government and the broader community. His observations and insights are always evolving; his speaking and media performances are polished and engaging

Image Nev Hyman is an internationally recognised member of the surfing community, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards.

He turned his attention to the housing industry in 2009 with a vision to use recyclable materials to build low cost rapidly deployable homes.

When Nev is not surfing, you'll find him talking to Prime Ministers, Housing Ministers, Finance Ministers, Education Ministers, Health Ministers, Ministers for Energy, Community Elders, Clan Leaders and the Heads of Pension Fund Institutions. He has a heart for the people, a global solution and the resolve to make a difference in this world.

Image Visiting Italian timber expert, Paolo Lavisci, has 25 years of professional experience in timber technology (building design, product and process development, standardization and certification) that allows him to operate through a designer’s network.

He’s the author of scientific publications and of a book on the design of timber structures which is largely diffused in Italy.

Paolo’s experience includes the structural design for some 3‐ to 9‐storey buildings and several R&D projects which enable him to deal with complex issues, optimization of the use of new technologies and development of efficient processes for comfortable and durable buildings.

Paolo has also been involved in the development of 2 manufacturing plants for the production of CLT.

Image Danielle Lancaster is a photojournalist based on Tamborine Mountain in the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia; her work is forever exciting and rewarding uncovering new adventures, meeting wonderful people, exploring and then sharing these experiences through my writing and imagery.

Danielle works for corporate, government and media clients and is a member of both the Australian Society of Travel Writers and the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

An established author of ‘4WD Treks Close to Brisbane’ and ‘Out Around the Bulloo’, she contributes regularly to Go Camping and 4WD Australia, News Corporation’s Escape Travel, Australian Geographic plus others.

The winner of the 2013 Nikon-Walkley Queensland Slide Night Award with the photo essay ‘Healing Cambodia’, a story on the Don Chee: the white robe nuns that live in villages around Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world.

When not out adventuring, her company, Bluedog Photography, runs workshops, retreats and tours.

Image Mark Paul is a qualified horticulturalist with over 25 years greenwall and greenroof experience. His plant knowledge and planting design stem from a childhood/lifelong passion for lithophytic and epiphytic plants, and their habitats.

Mark originally trained as a Marine Biologist and worked for CSIRO Fisheries and in Oceanography, working on coral reefs and estuaries. These habitats contain many of the lithophytes and epiphytes Mark originally used in residential plantings of trees + rocks replicating this habitat. He was the first to successfully design and install greenwalls in Australia; it is this experience and his understanding of plant biomechanics and their simple requirement for water, light and nutrition that he uses in designing greenwalls and greenroofs. His 24 year old original test greenwalls are still thriving today! To this add a skilled and detailed artist’s eye and the design and final product are guaranteed to impress.

Mark’s unique greenwalls and greenroofs have featured in a large variety of national and international media + a similar number of National + International speaking engagements.

Mark is a member of the Friends of The Royal Botanic Gardens, Australian Plant Society, International Bromeliad Societies, Manly Warringah Orchid Society and The Australian Institute of Horticulture. He holds several national design awards.

Image James Cooper is an accomplished specialist in sustainable architecture and the thermal performance of buildings.

With 20 years experience in the residential design sector, he is an ardent practitioner of sustainable design principles and maintains a core philosophy of minimising the impacts of buildings on the natural environment.

From a background in landscape design, James furthered his education with a master of design science leading to the progression of his signature works - which equally respect and exploit the relationships between the built form and the external environment.

As director of his Sydney based practice, Sanctum Design, James has received over 50 Design Awards and continues to promote climate conscious design through a broad portfolio of contemporary works and industry media.

Image Alex Georgiou is a specialist in creating go to market sales strategies for residential solar, battery, and off grid solutions; with a reputation for delivering an incredible customer experience.

From designing the systems for green home remodels to solar, battery, and smart home solutions, Alex will help you incorporate new solar and battery technology into your building projects.

Learn about how to select the best solar and battery system for your project, sizing the system appropriately, and selecting complementary technologies to add to the home lifestyle.

Image Fleur Filmer has 20 years of business and marketing experience as an Entrepreneur in both her native Australia and also Hong Kong, she is a passionate advocate of Entrepreneurialism, SMEs and Start-ups.

She has founded, grown, bought and sold her own businesses and now consults to clients and their businesses on internal, external and stakeholder communications, social media and blogging as well as their strategy, planning, online and offline marketing, websites and lead generation.

In the ever changing world of commerce, eCommerce, communication and technology, Fleur specialises in both B2B and B2C marketing as well as what she has coined, H2H – Human2Human communications.