Services to the Public

BDA members can produce the design for your residential, commercial or industrial project. BDA members see things from your point of view and put many years of practical experience into shaping your project.

Design Excellence

BDA members are leaders in the building design field. The BDA promotes the pursuit of excellence in building design, with a view to being recognised as the leading professional design force in the building industry.

Practical, Individual Design

BDA members offer practical, individual design, to suit your specific needs. Members skills may cover residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Skills and Knowledge

Members of the BDA are encouraged to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge by participation in the Associations’ Continuing Professional Development Program.


In some Australian states licensing or registration is a statutory requirement; in those states BDA members are licensed by the relevant authority.

BDA recommends that all prospective clients should make themselves aware of the members qualification to trade as a building designer; in states where licensing or registration is not a requirement BDA recommends you use a fully accredited Chartered Member.

Realistic Fees

Consumer feedback has revealed that BDA members’ fees are highly competitive.

Get with the Strength

BDA members have designed and documented many buildings in Australia. It makes sense to use a BDA member for your next project.

Australia-Wide Coverage

BDA has members all across Australia. We may be able to introduce you to a member in your area who can assist you to bring your ideas and dreams to reality.

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